3 Fall Family Fun Activities In Colorado

Fun Activities In Colorado

Colorado is known for it’s beauty, it’s majestic mountains and during the fall it’s mouth dropping colors.  Every year I take a family trip that consists of myself, my two boys, my parents and my brothers family with his three kids.  If my husband finishes harvest by some miracle he joins us.  We all live on opposite ends of the state so we try to find some place in the middle that we is packed with fall family fun.

This year we hit up Glenwood Springs, Colorado for it’s fall family fun activities and it’s mouth dropping fall colors.  Two years ago we met up in Glenwood Springs and all the kids have been begging to go back to hit up the Glenwood Adventure Park, we let them think they finally wore us down.

While Glenwood Springs is packed with fall family fun and for the most part the fall weather is nice it can be a bit chilly so as you head out I recommend coming prepared for all types of weather.

3 Fall Family Fun Activities In Colorado

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

As I said above the kids have been begging to come back to this place.  Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park sports an alpine slide and the last time we were there I think my three year old and I must have ridden it at least 30 times.  By attending the adventure park in the fall we were really able to avoid the lines.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park has more than just an adventure slide though, with two cave tours being offered several times a day, the highest roller coaster in North America, 4D movie experience, zipline, and most can’t pass up the thrill swing.  A few others to take note of are panning for gold (who doesn’t love that opportunity) and bungee jumping.  We did run into a few of the activities being closed for the season like the human maze.

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Take A Bike Ride & Enjoy The Fall Colors

When the family was talking about heading to Glenwood Springs for our fall break it was mentioned that we could rent bikes for everyone and enjoy the fall colors beside the river on a leisurely 16 mile bike ride.  The adults were on board and the kids didn’t oppose to much about a bike ride.

We rented bikes, tag along bikes and a trailer from Glenwood Adventures and they shuttle you to the top of Glenwood Canyon.  This made the 16 mile bike road mostly down hill, which when you have not been on a bike for over 15 years was a HUGE plus!  Pulling a trailer with my youngest was an experience all in itself but all 10 of us had an amazing day and were able to really enjoy the fresh mountain air and fall colors.

Take A Rejuvenating Soak At Glenwood Hot Springs

Glenwood may have been found upon the healing potential in the Glenwood Hot Springs.  The hot springs contain 15 minerals that do a body good and proves to be a relaxing touch after a long day of bike riding.

The spring that fills the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool still delivers three and a half million gallons of hot water every day, in a rhythm as reliable as the sunrise and the seasons. And winter, spring, summer and fall, Mother Nature’s hospitality and her potent waters are here for our guests, young and old alike. That hasn’t changed since 1888. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool has been a sanctuary of relaxation and fun for over a century. Come feel the wonder for yourself.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado offered our group of 10, 4 days of delicious meals, shopping and fall family fun that pleased a variety of ages at once.  We found wonderful accommodations at The Glenwood Suites (which offers rooms with bunk beds) and enjoyed a fun meal the Glenwood Pub which offers homemade root beer and kids meals are served on a frisbee that they get to keep.

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