4 Tips for Bali Villa Rentals at Low Prices

Bali Villa Rentals

Bali villa rentals are in great demand. Both by Indonesian and foreign couples. The reason is simple because Bali offers a charm of beauty that will not be found in other cities. Here you will easily find a villa with a variety of unique views where you will easily adapt it to your wedding concept and theme. Those of you who want to carry an intimate concept like Hamish and Raisa can also be done in Bali. You who want to get a natural feel can also be found here. You only need to choose a Bali villa that suits you.

Bali villa rental does not have to be expensive because there are several Bali villa with a private pool that you can get at affordable costs. As long as you know the tips, you can get a villa at a low price. Here are some tips for Bali villa rentals at low prices that you can do:

Avoid High Season

For inns, hotels, resorts, villas, and so on, there will be terms of weak season and high season. So that you can get a villa at a cheap price, it’s good to avoid the high season. The high season occurs when the holiday season arrives. In December, the New Year’s Christmas holidays, Eid holidays, semester holidays, and so on are times when lodging experiences a rapid surge in visitors. At that time, the price will increase by several percent compared to during the weak season. This high season will only make you uncomfortable in a location other than traffic jams, the noise will be felt even though you already live in a villa that is far from the city center.


Whether we realize it or not, the choice of the location of this villa is very important. Highly recommended for those of you who want to rent a villa for a select vacation that is close to your tourist destination. That way you don’t have to pay a lot for transportation. This will save your budget on a trip or villa rental in Bali.   Before deciding to go for a Bali villa rental, you have to make a destination that you want to go to so it will be easy to decide what kind of villa to stay and rent.


The way that you can rent a villa in Bali at a low price is to rent it in groups. Holidays at this villa will also be fun if done in groups or together. Apart from being more exciting, you will also get cheaper costs because you can share rental fees with friends who stay at the villa.

Agent Services

The last thing that can be done for cheap Bali villa rentals is to take advantage of agent services. By using an agent service you will easily find a villa at a lower price. Even though you have to pay a fee as a token of service, this method is more effective and also more practical. You don’t have to get down right away because the rental agency will find what is best for you.

Finding cheap villas in Bali is indeed a hassle, what must be considered here is not to be tempted by cheap prices, but your comfort and safety are not guaranteed. It would be better if you spend more on Bali villa rentals that ensure your comfort and safety. 

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