5 Tips for Hiring a Pet Sitter Before You Travel

Hiring a Pet Sitter

About Hiring a Pet Sitter

Hiring a pet sitter can be nerve racking and tedious.  It can also be a time consuming task.  When you have to travel for long distances or on short notice, having a reliable pet sitter is very important.  So, I wanted to help everyone make this an easier process.  Hiring a pet sitter can be simple and easy if you use my top 5 tips.

5 Tips for Hiring a Pet Sitter

  • Know what you need – Have as much of your trip planned as possible.  Know your departure and return dates and times.  Know where you are staying and the contact information of that location.  What will you want them to know after hiring a pet sitter but before you leave?
  • Know what you expect – Hiring a pet sitter can be a nervous situation for both parties.  Ease some stress by setting a budget, know what services you expect (feeding, walking, grooming, vet visit, etc).  Outline everything on paper and be sure of all your expectations but flexible enough to work with the sitter on some aspects.
  • Ask for a referral – The best way to find a reliable and trustworthy person when you are hiring a pet sitter is by asking people you know that have used a pet sitter.  There is no better way to find reliable service providers than by asking someone with first hand knowledge.  Family, friends, neighbors and even local animal rescues are great resources.
  • Interview your pet sitter – When you are hiring a pet sitter you want to know about their experience, their fees, animals they are familiar with, good and bad experiences and how they were handled, what type of care they will provide, your home or theirs, etc.
  • Introduce your pets to their new friend – The first meeting should be quick and only to gauge your pet’s initial feelings toward the potential sitter.  It will also give you a good idea of how your pet sitter handles meeting animals for the first time.  A quick hello and sniff over is all you need.  If the interview and meeting go well you can arrange for another meeting or two prior to them being left alone with your pet.

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