6 places to visit in Kerala that you should not miss in Kerala

 6 places to visit in Kerala that you should not miss in Kerala

Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach is one of the state’s top tourist destinations located in Kerala, near the major city of Kochi, only about 25 kilometers from the city. This picturesque place is a great experience for tourists of all kinds – couples, families, business groups, and groups of friends.

It is relatively quiet, free of the dominant marketing that occurs on most of India’s popular beaches. This is a place to visit in Kerala from coconut groves to Chinese fishing nets because it reflects the essence of the state itself and it promises to have a lasting influence on every visitor to the waters.

Anamudi peak, Munnar

Anamudi Spike is one of the most popular places in the state and its renown as the highest peak in Southern India is certainly a must-see in Kerala. It promises to offer all those who reach its peak with sensational views, a soothing climate, and a magnificent disk logical view at an amazing height of almost 2700 m above sea level.

The mountain is famous for its curious form, without any prominent peak as such, as its name that refers to Elephant Brown. It is located close to the famous Eravikulam National Park, and adds more to the charm of tourists, ensuring that the tour to this site itself contains a lot of memorable travelers experience, from spectacular views to the unique flora and fauna on display across the area.

Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort lies in Kasaragod’s most northern district and stretches over 160,000 sqm. The fort was built in 1650 CE by Shivappa Nayaka. It is the state’s biggest fort. Moreover, its position on the coast adds only to the charm of everything.

It was particularly important under Mysore’s royalty, especially in Tipu Sultan, having passed through the hands of several leaders, from local kings to the British East India Company and then British Crown.

In recent times, the fort has been developed to be a tourist destination because of its proximity to the South Canara region, which includes major towns such as Mangalore. Bekal Fort’s location and beauty are some of the places you have to visit in Kerala.

Paradesi Synagogue

It is the oldest active synagogue of all the nations of the Commonwealth. It is in Cochin’s Jewish city. It is one of the places in Kerala you have to visit.

The Portuguese destroyed the original synagogue. Following the destruction, the local king supported the building of the new synagogue (as seen today).

The number of antique objects, including crowns and candlesticks on display is also popular among tourists. This synagogue is certainly one of the places you have to visit in Kerala. One kind of experience!

Alleppey and Vembanad lake

Alleppey is a delightful place in Kerala. The wilderness is well-known for the rich heritage and the picturesque backwaters and coastal houseboats. Alleppey is named ‘Venice of the East’ by the extensive canal system and the large open waters.

The Vembanad lake, the lengthiest in the whole country, is also bordered by Alappuzha. It passes across several state districts. The peaceful location provides a beautiful setting. It offers a range of tourist attractions, including the many housing boats on the water. There is also the famous Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary in close proximity.

The water canal system running across the city connects all from homes and resorts to commercial establishments. A short distance from Alappuzha is Mararikulam. It is a fishing village with less exploration but the equally lovely beach of Marari.

For everybody, Kerala has really something. It has a variety of historic monuments, from quiet backwaters. For all adventurous trekkers, there are peaks perfect. Every tourist has a highly satisfactory experience. The unbelievable memories produced will not be forgotten. Go and visit Kerala in these places and tell us your favourite place.


Located on the border of the south Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Thekkady has a wide forest area, which boasts a rich flora and fauna. One of the highlights here is Thekkady.

Varied fauna from elephant and Nilgiri language to tige is protected by the Periyar Wildlife Reserve. The area is surrounded by beautifully lush countryside and is covered by evergreen and feeds forests. This is one of the 48 tiger reserves in India and an elephant reserve, making it pride in the wildlife of Kerala.

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