6 Tips for Cruising With Children

 6 Tips for Cruising With Children

Going on vacation is supposed to be stress free and relaxing right? But when you have children, the idea of vacation can be overwhelming. It’s a lot to plan and you want to make sure that your kids are having fun, not bored, whining, etc.

Cruises geared towards families with children could be the perfect solution. The staff on cruise ships are trained to make sure you all have a great vacation!

What else should you consider before cruising with children?

1. Think Big: Kids love to keep busy. They go from activity to activity. Well at least mine do. 😉 So look for a big cruise ship with a full time cruise director. Those ships will offer the most activities for kids.

2. Teen Scene: Do you have teens? Make sure the cruise ship offers plenty for teens. Internet cafe, video games, teen night clubs, etc.

3. Childcare: Some cruise ships offer childcare, tuck in services, etc. Check with your cruise before you book to see what they offer.

4. Disney: If you have little ones, Disney is always a great choice. Plenty of character options to please old and young alike. And make sure to pack your Disney costumes, princess dresses, etc.

5. Cabins: If you have a family larger than 4, opt for two adjoining rooms. You may not be in your cabins a lot but being crammed into one will not be enjoyable. You want your vacation to be relaxing in all aspects.

6. Destinations: Decide together as a family where you’d like to go, places you’d like to see, excursions you’d like to go on. Plan ahead. Have your kids research an area or activity and report back. What a great way to learn about the destinations you’ll be visiting.

When you do a little planning, cruising with children can be a wonderful vacation. One that you all will remember forever!

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