Free Place to Visit in Florida

Free Place to Visit in Florida

Florida is one of the most important states of the United States. It is to the south-east of the US. Florida is famous for is 100’s of miles of long world-famous beaches. It is also known for nightlife culture. It is one of the major tourist destinations. When it comes to free best places to visit in Florida, Florida will never demotivate you. There are many places where one can visit a few of them are:

Walt Disney World resort and Monorail

It is surely like a dream for every Disney lover. Walt Disney Monorail is a transportation system provided for Walt Disney resort and for the other two stations. It was inaugurated in 1971. More than 150,000 visitors travel the Walt Disney monorail. You can travel three lines of monorail absolutely free with FlyUSTravels . It will surpass the Magic Kingdom resort where you can see various Disney characters. Walt Disney World resort is located in the beautiful city of Orlando in Bay Lake.

Siesta Key

The beautiful Siesta beach is located half an hour from Tampa and two hours from Orlando. The beautiful beach is covered with sand dunes along with the beautiful Palm trees. It is one of the tourist attraction where you can find a turtle beach, tennis court and many more. You can spend time and enjoy the local meals from the near located restaurants and can view the beautiful sunset or you can take a dive to see the coral reefs. Overall it’s a nice beach to spend time with family and friends that to absolutely free.

Sunset Celebration

Florida is known for nightlife you can enjoy the best nightlife here in Key West Florida. Many visitors visit here just take a glimpse of the beautiful sunset with live music and Live Orchestra with the different artists performing on the beach which will mesmerize your mind. Especially at night after sunset many visitors gather and enjoy the music and party hard. It is a must-visit place in Florida.

Complimentary Wine Tasting and Vineyard Tour

Yes, you heard it right, Florida hosts free music series and live bands in every summer. The vineyard tour is a free tour complemented by the Vineyard tours where the visitors can taste the different varieties of world-famous and award-winning Vines that too for free. It is around 30 minutes of a tour where you can get the knowledge from grapes harvesting to vine productions.

National Naval Aviation Museum

If you love planes and military-related things than this is surely not to miss the place. It a naval museum where more than 100 aircraft are restored and displayed for exhibition, you can also admire more than 4000 artifacts that are stored in the museum. The major tourist attraction of the Naval Aviation is the Blue Angel fighter jet. The entry is free.

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial is the memorial that is built in the honor of millions of Jewish who lost their lives during the holocaust. In order to express the feelings and to remember the lost lives of the Jewish during the holocaust, this memorial is a tribute. The memorial is settled in Miami Beach.

National Marine Sanctuary

One of the major tourist attractions of Florida is the National Marine Sanctuary which is a must-visit place. In the marine sanctuary, you can dive into the underwater and view the unbelievable beauty of the underwater creatures. The beautiful coral reefs and sea creatures will surely take your heart away. Overall it’s an adventure-loving place for those who love to dive. But one should definitely dive in the marine sanctuary to take a view of underwater.

Vintage Car Parade in Kissimmee

Florida is full of surprises. Kissimmee is a must-visit place and it is one of the popular tourist attractions because every Friday you can get a chance to witness the hundreds of Vintage and Antique cars. Each Friday several vintage car owners make a parade and exhibit their vintage cars. Many tourists visit Friday especially to witness the rally of the vintage cars and also to enjoy the local foods and meals which are specially organized during that day and you can also enjoy the meal with live music and band performing on the songs of the ’50s and ’60s. It is a fun place to visit with family and friends that you never want to miss.

There are several other places that you can visit free like Daytona Flea Market, Artegon Marketplace, and Kelly Park, etc. For more details about flights and tours, you can visit the Indian travel agency in US.

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