Some Interesting and Surprising Things you Didn’t know About America

 Some Interesting and Surprising Things you Didn’t know About America

America is one of the unique countries in the world. When you travel to the US and enjoy the American holiday thereafter, you get many experiences you cannot experience anywhere else. Many people call it ‘The Land of the Free’, there are so many surprising and surprising things that you didn’t know about America. Although applying for a US visa can be a concern, one cannot stop dreaming about the land of dreams. We have listed some of the most interesting and tricky facts that will be useful information about US travel at your leisure in the US. If you also want to go to the US, book your flight immediately through Southwest Airlines Reservations.

America’s Grand Flag

As part of a school project in the year 1951, 1 old-year-old student designed the current 50-star American flag. All students managed were B-grade for their project. His teacher promised the student that if the United States Congress accepted the flag’s design, his grade would be reconsidered. Americans are truly proud of their national flag, and they do not hesitate to display their flag almost everywhere and anywhere.

The United States has the largest economy in the world

America is home to the largest economy in the world. It contributes a staggering 25% to world GDP. The large economy is due to a large population, relatively young population, technological innovation, high consumer spending, moderate unemployment, average income, and high consumer spending.

Land of innovation

Technological innovation is high in the US. The Internet was introduced by the packet network system. The US Department of Defense awarded contracts in the 1960s. ARPANET was the first switching network.

Explore the Great Lake

If you spread the entire water content across Lake Superior in landslides of North America and South America, they would be under one foot of liquid. This is a huge amount!

America’s mighty army

The US has the world’s largest military power – the US Air Force. The second-largest force in the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

Beware of the FBI

People say that the FBI has a record of almost one in three fingerprint records filed with the FBI. So beware of the FBI, they are watching your every action and action.

Supreme court inland

An interesting fact about the American justice system is that it is a basketball court on the fifth floor of the Supreme Court building. This court is usually called the highest court of the land.

American in debt

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 167,000 Americans have an active debit of $ 200,000. It is said that even if Bill Gates surrendered every single penny of his fortune, he could only take care of 15 days of losses in the US. It also said that if you have $ 10 in your wallet, you are more than 25 percent richer than all Americans.

When on independence day

You did not believe that the declaration of America’s Independence Day was written by Thomas Jefferson on 2 July, but the ruling Congress Party took 2 days to accept the declaration. It is therefore commented as two days of Independence Day – 2 July and 4 July.

World’s oldest river

On record, three of the world’s five oldest rivers cut through the United States. The New, French Broad River and Sascenhana are hundreds of millions of years old and still flowing with the current.

Deadliest Job in America

The US President’s job is considered the deadliest job in America. Of the 45 people who have held the office, four have been murdered in office, about 9% of those who have assumed the office of president.

An entrepreneur chairman

Abraham Lincoln is the only US president to patent and saloon, although his saloon was a terrible failure. He filed for a patent for an instrument that lifts boats on sandbars.

The state of Virginia has more presidents than any other state

Virginia is the birthplace of more US presidents in the United States than any other state in the United States.

There is no official language

One of the interesting facts of America is that there is no official language in this grand country. English is the most common language spoken by the majority population here. Spanish is another popular language, which is used to communicate with the public.

The government owns 80% of the land in the state of Nevada

In the US state of Nevada, the government owns a significant portion of the land, in fact, 80% of the land is accurate. This land is reserved for forests, wildlife refugia, forest areas, national parks, monuments, and the rest of the land is managed by management.

Each day 100 acres are covered by pizza delivery personnel in the US

You don’t believe it, but it’s actually true, American pizza delivery individuals cover an average of 100 acres of land. Based on a survey conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Americans are more in love with pizza than with burgers.

New York was the original capital of America

New York City served as America’s national capital for five years between 1785 and 1790. The city played a major role in the defeat of the British government and the establishment of a new government ending the Treaty of Paris. War. Come and explore this beautiful country of the United States. Join our travel experts and enjoy a spectacular and memorable experience in this beautiful country.

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