Planning a Trip with your Girlfriends

Trip with your Girlfriends

It is that time of year again. The time of year when I put on my thinking cap  and begin planning a trip for my girlfriends and myself.  This is the best way to rehash old memories and make new ones. I can’t tell you how much I miss my best friends until I see them again. They are the people who knew you back “when” and the people who have been in your life since then.

Tips for Planning a trip with your girlfriends

The first thing we do is create a group on Facebook. This is the easiest way to communicate back and forth and everyone if on there anyway. We can also easily create documents and files to store the information for our trip in them.

The second thing we do write down a couple of dates that seem like they may work for everyone.  This seems like an easy thing to do but with several schedules that have no bearing on our overall goal it proves challenging. We usually enact the majority rules mentality and go from there. It is difficult knowing that some people are not going to be able to go but unfortunately there isn’t a day or time or place that is good for everyone.

We then create a survey using Google Documents to select the top 3 dates that most people are available. Once we have the top three dates we begin to research what we would like to do for our extended weekend. We usually do a Thursday- Sunday trip depending on the location. The majority of us stay for four days but some people come early and leave late. It is a personal choice we just make sure all of us are there for Friday and Saturday.

We try to pick a place with an airport that is both accessible and accommodates several airlines.  We look for an airport that is close to our final destination and when possible has public transportation to our hotel. We stay in places that have access to many activities either by public transportation or by foot.  If we select a place that is not as accessible then we will pursue car rentals. On my most recent trip to The Inn at Loretto in New Mexico,  we had to take a cab from the airport. Some of us had to actually fly into an airport that was further away there was a service for $32 which afforded us the opportunity to select a much cheaper flight options.

We then select a hotel or resort to stay in. Then it really becomes a party since we all chose to room with partners. It is so much more fun to share a room because you return to your teenage self except now you are gossiping about your real life and all of those remember when experiences.

The trip you decide to take can be as planned or unplanned as you wish. We often plan one or two activities and leave the rest up to chance. We try to put together a list  of things to do in the area and see what tickles our fancy when we get there.  I can say that we always include an indulgent activity and a great meal. There really isn’t anything better than a trip away with your girl friends. The only thing left to do is  come up with Girlfriend Vacation Ideas.

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