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Thailand, also known as “The Land of Smiles” has a lot more to offer to its visitors than most other places for Asia vacations. It is a beautiful country full of adventure, culture and exotic customs and it is perfect for any vacation, no matter what you like, relaxation, fun or activities and adventure. Winter is the best time to explore Thailand, when tropical climates cool off just enough, and vibrant festivals bring city streets to life!


It is easy to see why people come to Thailand for a vacation as it truly is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Like any trip though, people tend to forget that when visiting a foreign country you need to learn a bit about the culture and the customs if you truly want to fit in. Some traditions and customs that you may want to be educated on are the ones that pertain to the Royal family. Knowledge of the King, Queen and the royal children will be very beneficial to the most novice traveler.

Traveling to Thailand you should be sure that you are up to date on what is going on. This will help you to be familiar with your surrounding better. It will help you to fit in better with the locals and make a better impression with everyone. Some of the best tips to help you with your trip.


You will notice that the main religion in Thailand is Buddha and the statues and images of this are considered sacred. If you are planning to visit a shrine then you will be expected to dress and act accordingly. Shorts, bathing suit, or a tank top are not allowed. It is also a custom to remove your shoes upon entering.

Women need to be aware that the Buddhist monks follow a strict code. They are completely forbidden to touch a woman and they cannot touch anything that a woman has just held. If a woman wished to hand something to a monk they must hand it to a man first who will then pass it on to the monk.


As with any culture, greetings and common gestures vary. For instance Thais gesture hello by putting their hands together, touching their palms together to form a “wai” which almost looks like there are begging. It is also considered very rude if you use your feet to point at someone. The head is the highest part of the body and the Thais take this seriously.

You will also notice that Thais are very conservative and you will not see anyone walking around without a shirt on. That’s not acceptable.


Learning about the culture of another area is half the fun of the trip. Practice the traveling tips to help you get yourself acquainted with Thailand ways and you will be sure to fit right in when you arrive at your destination and you can be sure that you are being respectful to the locals.

TOP 10 Vacation Destination IN Thailand

There are a hundreds of thousands different places where you can go to in Thailand. From the stunning North with its moderate climate to the greenish blue waters and picturesque beaches in the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman Sea. Here we’ll show you some of the most favored destinations in Thailand.


Fifty years ago Pattaya was a quiet fisher town on the gulf of Thailand. Nowadays Pattaya has become the most popular ocean-side resort in South-East Asia. This why you’ll find in Pattaya really everything what you can think about. More than 300 hotels from cheap hotels in Pattaya to first class luxury hotels, more than one thousand restaurant that will serve you meals from all over the world, the best seafood restaurants you’ve ever tasted, really an unbelievable number of leisure and sports activities, 18 golf courses all very close, a huge number of markets and shopping malls and a uncomparable nightlife scene you’ve never seen before.

No matter if you want to stay in Pattaya on your own, as a couple, a family, or part of a group, Pattaya is the beach resort with it all. If you consider going to holidays to Pattaya, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy an unforgettable vacation.


  • Thailand’s largest Sea Resort
  • Beach Resort with city status
  • Pattaya has everything for everyone
  • Pattaya provides an increditable choice of accommodation
  • A huge variety of affordable restaurants
  • Excellent Seafood restaurants at affordable prices
  • Lots of sports and outdoor activities
  • A nightlife scene you’ve never seen before
  • A huge shopping paradise
  • Attractions in and outside Pattaya


Phuket Thailand is another popular tourist destination for all beach lovers because of its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Phuket is often referred to as the Pearl of the South and rightly so because Phuket is an island surround by the Andaman Sea and has many beautiful sights to discover as well as the virgin forest that awaits your exploration. You can also enjoy bird watching in Phuket, where you can find 100 species of birds. If you enjoy visiting parks, then you must visit Khao Phar Thaeo National Park. A triple canopy rain forest and the only remaining virgin rain forest, you can see wild animals like languors, barking deer, bears, wild boar and monkey and gibbons. You can also find giant trees; creepers and climbers that make this forest a rich habitation of many animals.

Aside from the great beaches in Phuket, you can also enjoy waterfalls like Ton Sai and Bang Pae waterfalls and you can find guides for hiking from the reserve office near Ton Sai and they will be more than willing to guide you through the trails into the forest reserve and lead you to the great sights. If budget is your consideration, Phuket is also known for budget accommodations and you can easily find one within your range. You can shop for food and other items at an affordable price and you need not worry about expensive restaurants because there are many establishments that offer decent meals at a lower price and you can still enjoy the authentic Thai dishes.

Koh Samui

For those of you who are looking for another place to discover, explore and conquer – Koh Samui holidays are perfect for you. A popular tourist destination during summer and holidays, this beautiful island of Thailand boast of white sandy beaches and rich coral life and crystal blue waters good for swimming, snorkeling, underwater activities and beach fun. A tropical forest of the Southeast Asia and located eighty kilometers of the east coast from the mainland, Samui together with other islands from the Ang Tong group makes every visitors fall in love with its natural beauty and splendor. From the moment visitors step in to the island, they are greeted by beautiful and will birds and the lust tropical rain forest.

The Samui airport is a tourist destination itself and is considered as one of the most astonishing airports in the world, located roughly 2 km north from the village of Chaweng and has no building except for the gift shop which makes its one of a kind and interesting airport. Aside from the beaches, tourist can also take part in the popular Full Moon Party, held every full-moon days. The fun and party never ends throughout the night and many visitors from around the world are known to join this party and have made it quite popular. You can also visit the many waterfalls that surround the area and be mesmerized the breathtaking natural beauty and wonder of nature. Accommodations can be found throughout the island and you can choose from cheap house rentals, bungalows or expensive hotels.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Thailand is a popular tourist destination mostly because of the shopping experience that tourist had. Word of mouth has spread that this is one of the best place to shop, where you can buy a lot with just a dollar. Tourists flock the night market of Chiang Mai that opens from 5pm and opens until midnight everyday. The night bazaar has many merchandise to suit and satisfy everyone’s shopping cravings like bags, clothes, baggage, souvenir items, shoes and a lot more. Any woman will feel like she’s in a shopping paradise because of the bargain price and you can easily loose yourself shopping for many hours and when you get tired and hungry there are many restaurants, clubs and bars for you to relax. You can choose from Japanese, Korean, Thai, Italian and Western foods and you will find that the price is also a bargain.

This is not to say that Chiang Mai has nothing else to offer, far from it. There are many other great places to visit like the popular Bua Tong water falls, where you can climb the face of the falls that is about three stories high. Many families flock to this are for fun and relaxation and the grassy fields located above the waterfalls are goof for family picnic. Another popular activity in Chiang Mai is of course the elephant ride. You can ride the back of the elephant and travel the jungles of Chiang Mai to enjoy the beautiful sights and surrounding, you can even feed the elephants. This is very much popular for the children and if you like to experience riding elephants then this is the best place for you to go.

Koh Chang

Koh Chang is a marine national park is getting notice from the locals as well as the tourists. This island paradise is considered the last untouched paradise in the Southeast Asia because much of island is untouched and remains all natural free from the exploration and booming construction that many of the other islands in Thailand. Koh Chang is the second island next to Phuket, though the reason why it remains forgotten lies mainly of the reason that it is a protected area and much of the marine park (75%) in this island are under the jurisdiction of the Forestry Department of Thailand. You will not find many infrastructures here and modernization is just about coming to the island.

The island is a wonderful work of nature and the moment you step into the island, you will feel like stepping into a dream paradise. The beautiful beaches, coves and bays are too magnificent for description and many first time visitors are captivated by it’s natural beauty and wonders that many has to come back for more. The rain forest are competing with the wonders of the sea and the beach and many remains an untracked jungles waiting for your exploration and conquest. The waterfalls are as mesmerizing and feel like an enchantment from another world and beautiful coral reefs, crystal blue sea are just one of the main attractions of Koh Chang Marine National Park. If you have the time for vacation and you want to discover something unique and untouched by modernization, Koh Chang is the top destination to go.


Krabi Beach Thailand has beautiful coastline and offshore islands. If you have seen the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo di Caprio, this is where its located-beautiful isn’t it? Yes! Krabi boast some of the most stunning beaches in the world including Phi Phi Island (The Beach), Poda Island, Tub Island, Phra Nang Bay, Railay Peninsula and Hong Island. These beaches are postcard pictures and truly perfect in beauty with unspoiled nature and lust forest and limestone cliffs and numerous coconut trees makes these islands a paradise. Some of the beaches are inaccessible by road and the best way to go island hopping is by hiring a boat from Ao Nang beach.

From Hong Island, you can see enclosed lagoon with beautiful turquoise and tranquil water, perfect for relaxing and meditation. If you want to escape away from it all, Hong Island is the best place to go. The island has shallow coral reefs and smooth white sandy beaches perfect for snorkeling and appreciating the underwater beauty, this is truly a desert island paradise. There are about 132 islands you can visit in Krabi and one visit is not enough to take in the whole mesmerizing and captivating beauty of the islands, you have to go back again and again and the island will remain to leave you in awe every time. There are many accommodations in Krabi from cheap to the most exclusive and the most expensive to suit everyone’s lifestyle and all you need is shop for rates and prices and book your flight.

Hua Hin

If you want to find a place in Thailand that combines both the pleasure of beach holidays as well as a few rounds of golf, then Hua Hin is a destination hot spot you shouldn’t miss. Hua Hin is often referred to as the place for the rich and famous because it is where the Klai Kang Won (Far from Worries) summer palace is located, and many of the royal family members still visit the place. Discovered in 1920′s by King Rama VII, he fell in love with the island because of the perfect weather year round. Today, Hua Him is still popular to the Siam nobility and the rich and many have their own private beach front in the island.

Hua Hin

Golf is another hidden treasure of Hua Hin, where the green-fees and other cost in the game of golf is at the moment rank as one of the lowest in the world without sacrificing maintenance and services, in fact many visitors attest to the superb services of the golf facilities in Hua Hin. Combined with the beautiful white sandy beaches and clear blue water, many water activities can be enjoyed year round like water skiing, sailing, boating and diving to name a few. Although considered to the be oldest Thai resort, the island has retained some of its laid back atmosphere of a fishing village where the pace of life is still unhurried and one can easily find a relaxing spot under picture perfect coconut tree.

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is located in the midst of mountains and hills and is said to have retain much of the ancient culture and tradition and is the best place to experience the local and authentic Thai living. Popular attractions in Chiang Rai include the White Temple, the only handcrafted temple in Thailand and exotic and beautiful botanical garden Doi Tung, Hill tribes and the National Museum. You can also enjoy elephant riding, petting and feeding and take advantage of the rich handicrafts items for sale like clothing, jewelries and foodstuff. Awesome rock formation and caves can also be seen from Big Cave and Fish Cave to name a few. You also have the chance to explore the vast Mekong River riding on a long propeller boat with other tourists.

Chiang Rai

Doi Tung is another popular tourist spot in Chiang Rai, a Buddhist shrine built in 911 AD located on a sacred hilltop which claims that the collar bones of the lord Buddha is enshrined in the pagodas. Many tourists and Thai locals flock to this place and give homage to their god Buddha. Also, many small and traditional villages can be passed by on your way up to the hilltop where you can enjoy shopping for hand woven textiles and hand made silver jewelries. Another tourist spot of Chiang Rai which you must not miss is called Doi Mae Salong or more known as Thailand’s little Switzerland. Located 6,000 feet above sea level, the air is cool throughout the year and many dwellers are of Chinese descendants.

Cha Am

If you want to enjoy beach and golf course and Bangkok shopping all in one vacation holiday – Cha Am Beach Thailand is the place for your consideration. Located 160 km south of Bangkok and is about 2 hours drive, this beach resort is famous as the longest white sand beach, although lesser known than Hua Hin this town offers relaxation and golf courses at par with the best of the world and you can enjoy the most affordable golf fees as well super quality customer service and friendly staff. Shopping at Cha-Am is limited although the nearby Hua Hin can be reached in about 20 minutes that provide more shopping, restaurant and bar choices.

Accommodations at Cha-Am can be both affordable and expensive depending on your preference. There are many cheap motels and affordable vacation packages for thrift travelers and there are world class hotels for those who like to enjoy the best like Dusit Resort and Polo Club as well as Regent Cha Am, Golden Sands Resort and Springfield Resort to name a few. While in Cha-Am, you can take the chance to visit the summer palace Phra Ratchaniwet Marukhathawayawan which is open to the public from 9am to 4.30 in the afternoon. The beaches at Cha-Am also boast of white sand and crystal clear water and perfect temperature for swimming and other beach activities. So the next time you are looking to combine all the three activities in your next vacation, go to Cha-Am and experience Thai generosity and hospitality and their authentic Thai cuisine.


If you are looking for a new place to visit this coming vacation, Thailand is a wonderful tourist destination that you should consider especially its capital Bangkok. Bangkok is a land of diverse culture and has wonderfully combined the ancient and the modern and you can easily see the stark difference of many structures especially the modern BTS Sky train. This Southeast Asian region is still ruled by a monarch King Bhumibol Adulyadej and he is immensely popular and some of the people of Thailand see him as someone divine. Bangkok is the busiest place in Thailand and is considered as one of the world’s tourist hot spots, known for terrible traffic jams that walking is considered better than any form of transportation, except the train.

The main attractions in Bangkok are the temples and you can see why when you get to see one of them. The structures are just magnificent and majestic and you’ll be in awe of the architecture of the temples and you can see one in the heart of the city called Wat Phra Kaew and this temple is considered to be the most important Buddhist temple. Nightlife in Bangkok is another major attraction of the place with many live music, bars and even Latin Salsa and you can find many great clubs and restaurants in Kao San Road. You can also shop to your hearts content at Chatuchak, a weekend market that offers the largest shopping area in Bangkok. These are just some of the amazing sights in Bangkok and you are sure to come back once you visit this land of contrast.

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